One hundred years have passed since the legendary and cataclysmic Year of The Risen Night. Kingdoms and empires have fallen and been raised anew. The gods set their hands fully again upon their creations, sending heroes and prophets forth. Opportunity for greatness and despair lurk around every corner.

You are recruits in the retinue of the Captain-General of Gorloch’s Bastion, a small fortified town on the south-western frontier of the Kingdom of Torn. Mayhap you were born here, or came from afar to accept the Captain-General’s coin. Your job is to patrol the frontier, to protect the Bastion, and to uphold the security of the realm.
Key info will be posted in the Wiki as I rebuild. Do check out the previous campaign notes for other things that don’t get moved/modified as you like.

If you have great ideas or want to twist/add something, let me know— I love the collaborative approach.

After the Raising of Night-5e

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