After the Raising of Night-5e

"..Evil looking Statue.."

I me’self were thinkin’ “grim”.

Twer a “grim” statue. Now were it an “evil” lookin’ statue I’d a been a might more leery regardin’ touchin’ any gold chain.

Fer that one might need a 10’ pole – which we dinna bring.

Fer a “grim” statue ya take yer time, ya take a chance on a trap – those are the risks.

This is what comes o’ yer paladin scooterin’ back ta town ere we’re done explorin’.

Now, I suggest we take our stand in the statue room – have em’ come at us one at a time.
We can bash ’em ta bits one by one then scooter off ta town ourselves!

(By the By – what are ’hero points" in 5e context? did I miss something on the wiki?)



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