After the Raising of Night-5e

Into Marshbridge and Beyond

And some Durgen backstory

The party’s day of rest in Isrick’s Cairn saw Kev’quarim researching, Grumelrik and Keiran returning to the necromancer’s cave to gather the surgical tools, Durgan investigating rumours and their sources, Peiren doing something, and, finally, Trueman speaking with the local authorities.

It was discovered that farms were vacant and people were missing, so we were invested with the authority of the local baron to investigate these occurrences while considering our primary mission of discovering the missing dwarven caravan. The party set out Eastward toward Marshbridge. During the day of traveling they came upon Willam, a farmer, who was traveling West along the road with his two cows toward his cousin’s farm. After a short interview, Willam admitted to his cousin wondering about a friend, Thompson, who had disappeared to the west of their current position, and Willam lamented about loosing two of his own cows to an unknown beast.

The party decided to head East, toward Willam’s farm and the beasties (it should be noted that Kev’quarim was of the opinion to investigate the disappearance of a person first).

Ankheg.jpgComing up to the field, the ranger spotted the corpses of the cows, and the party was quickly set upon by the doers of the deed, a pair of ankhegs.

With the ankhegs dispatched with, onward to Marshbridge, a place with a serious dislike toward dwarves, beginning with Durgen getting charged ten times what the rest of the party were to get past the bridge toll.

Trueman, Peren and Kev’quarim stayed in town to meet the halfling mayor, while the rest of the party remained camped on the outskirts. It was noticed that a wanted poster depicting our friendly dwarf hung behind the bar, to be arrested on sight for charges of horsetheft and card sharking (it was also noted that he had a foul mouth). Apparently the mayor and Durgen had a tiff in the past and have yet to sort it out.

Aside from being a fierce racist toward dwarves and loving cards, the mayor didn’t seem to be too bad a fella. We ended the night off with the impression that he would be waiting for our Durgen in the morning, so Peren snuck back to the camp of the other members of our party and we all met up about an hour outside of town, heading East, toward Malzer.


Maizer, not Malzer…

Into Marshbridge and Beyond

The “mayor” is the honor-less, cheating, slandering, blistered taint on the crotch of society.
Aside from that, not too bad a “fella”.

Into Marshbridge and Beyond

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