After the Raising of Night-5e

Lance Rock

After a short rest at Isrick’s Cairn to recover from our last exploit. We set off to investigate suspicious activity at an area within a day’s walk from town, dubbed by locals as Lance Rock. There was worry over a strange sign warning people to “Beware Plague” and plague was otherwise unknown to the good people of Isrick’s Carin. We proceeded without the dwarf, Durgen Stonehewer, who had fallen ill and was in no shape to travel, much less fight if it came to that.

Upon finding the rock that gives the area it’s name, with the help of the ranger and druid, it was not too long before we found the entrance of the cave. We discovered a body laying near the entrance and it was examined to be an undead human, laying in wait; however it was disposed of easily. Entering a larger area, the team was attacked by zombies but again, the zombies were disposed of easily enough. We proceeded through the caves, fighting off skeletons and more zombies, narrowly avoiding traps designed to lay invaders low before tangling with the self-proclaimed Lord of Lance Rock.

We pursued into a huge cavern and there the foul necromancer made his last stand with his minions. The gallant team were able to make quick work of the undead horde and the wizard struck down the necromancer with flaming bolts, ensuring that the rest of the team was left untouched by dark magic. Upon his death, the Necromancer of Lance Rock immolated in a black flame and yelled something about serving “the eye.” The flame left no body, just a grease stain.



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