After the Raising of Night-5e

Long time gone

Having discovered two hidden entrances to an ancient dwarven city below the Mixtmarsh, the heroes returned to Isrick’s Cairn for rest and recuperation. There they were rejoined by Truman, their erstwhile leader, who led them forth on a mission in aid of the dwarves of the Valley.
Venturing to an ancient dwarven holy place, the heroes cleansed and took vengeance upon the evil doers who had defiled the sacred spaces. Amongst their foes they faced an ogre magi, a creature of legendary wickedness, but in the end they triumphed.
It turned out that these defilers were seeking a way into a lost treasure hall of the Axe Kings of old— the dwarven sage Brudenthor pointed out that the maps and notes found amongst the raiders’ gear were all forgeries.

After an uneventful return to Isrick’s Cairn, the group bound their wounds, trained and planned their next actions. After 4 days, Kainen received a message which he shared with the others— I have information about earth cult that you need. Meet me at the base of feathergale tower. Their agents are already in the Cairn!



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