After the Raising of Night-5e

Recap from the perspective of the divine watchers

Having faced and defeated a small squad of fanatical evil air cultists in the ground floor of the stepped Pyramid of the Kings in Tyar-Besil, the heroes quickly laid out a plan of action.
Durgen the dwarf scout, having his faith in his ancestral gods renewed by the splendors of Tyar-Besil, snuck up to the second floor, spying into the ancient Hall of the King. Seated upon a throne was a winged elf maid, attended to by a flute playing elf—the same spell caster who had magically fled from the party over an hour earlier. Writhing in ecstasy and debauchery were perhaps another dozen figures. Durgen snuck down the stairs and allowed his comrades to plot their attack.
Cloaked by invisibility magic, and relying on his well-trained stealth abilities, Perrin of the Ice Elves began to circle the room above, making his way towards an alcove where Durgen had spotted a curved horn on a stand—could this be an alarm horn? Perrin planned to get between the horn and the villains before his comrades rushed up from below.
Durgen moved up the stairs stealthily to spy on what was happening. Perrin had almost reached his goal when he was interrupted by the questing touch of some unseen air elemental—combat ensued!
Perrin found himself engaged by the elemental, the elven flutist and the prophetess of the howling hatred cult. Grumelrick and Truman of Gorloch’s Bastion raced up the stairs to engage the horde of drug addled cultists and attempt to aid their beleaguered elven monk. Durgen began methodically pumping crossbow bolts into the fray, ducking down the stairwell between shots. The self-styled High Druid, Kainen, summoned first an Azer, a puissant elemental of fire, but soon lost control. He summoned next a giant snake which seemed to be surviving the melee by the dwarf king’s throne. Kevquaram Braga used his magic to distract half of the cultists, freeing his melee comrades to focus on fewer targets.
Things were going well for the heroes, and then the prophetess disappeared from sight. The invisible stalker was bashing the elven monk bloody; Truman was engaged by multiple foes and Grumelrick was making his way to aid Perrin.
The prophetess reappeared at the top of the stairway down, laughing mirthlessly as she cast a bolt of lightning into Kevquaram’s chest, sending him crashing to the floor in a senseless heap. The lightning arc’d to Durgen and Kainen, also draining them of the will and ability to continue the fight, though not slaying them outright.
Before succumbing to the pummeling blows of the invisible stalker, Perrin managed to slay the evil elven bard. Grumelrick by this point had moved in to engage the invisible stalker, relying upon his keen senses and pure luck to land telling blow after telling blow. Truman raced to engage the air prophetess but soon found himself encircled by air cultists who had been freed from the hypnotic spell cast by Kevquaram. The prophetess disengaged from melee and began to make her way down the stairs; Truman following doggedly.
At this point, inspired by divine light of Maganna, Kevquaram rallied his spirits and opened his eyes to view the battle above. Channeling his pain and anger, he flung a witchbolt into the prophetess. Then as she attempted again to flee, Truman split her from head to toe, calling on the cultists to surrender! The invisible stalker vanished and the cultists were vanquished. Quickly binding their wounds and collecting the treasures of the air cult, the heroes prepared to flee Tyar-Besil.
But first, Kainen blew the Horn of Al-gazul summoning the djinni from his labors elsewhere in Tyar-Bessil. Kained smashed the horn, freeing the djini from his servitude and earning the heroes a small reward.



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