After the Raising of Night-5e

The Sacred Stone Monastery

The party pursued rumours of a wyvern at a quarry and they found it. It managed to strafe the stalwart band a couple of times, nearly killing Peren in the process before being brought down by Grumelrik and his spear, Pointy.

An investigation of the mine showed that something heavy had been loaded on a cart and taken along the river to the south-southwest. Within twin narrow caverns was a giant orb of an obsidian-like material.

Following the tracks we came upon a shrine to Parthea, the Huntress, over 200 years old. It was defaced with more recent carvings of this symbol: Sacred_Stone.jpg

Sacred_Stone_Monestary_-_Outside.jpgA sandstone cavern opened to the monastery in a natural amphitheater. Durgan and Kainen bravely advance to the door and knocked, at which point Durgan stabs at the face of the creature through the newly opened eye slit. Though immediately reacted to negatively, this did prompt the doors to open and a fight to ensue.

Upon exploring the monastery hallways above, most of the monks were human and druergar, that nasty race of grey dwarves were found. Making our way through the monastery, we crossed a garden, untended for a while, which had doors that lead outside and one up to an external building with a magical lock. Forcing our way past that lock, we stumbled upon the lich, Caradoon, who quickly sent us away.

Below was a Bape, aka Digger, with bronzed claws, mining tunnels, 3 orogs lead by an ogre, and a long staircase further down that lead to a dark elf “Gateway to Tyar Bessil” framing dark shimmering energy within its arch. The energy was determined to be not of dwarven origin, but we are not convinced that it is dark elf either.

Also below were the captives from the quarry in which resided the wyvern, who mentioned that they brought something out of their mine, “Eggs of Destruction,” which they were not allowed or could not look at. Among the captives was a dwarf, Brule D’Enthar, who was a part of the delegation that we were sent to find in the first place. He was able to ell us that 2 other dwarfs were taken further below the monastery, and 3 were kidnapped by vultures. The tunnels were simply for the sake of tunneling as there is no ore or anything else worth mining here.

The party took a short amount of time to ensure that the former captives were fed well and prepared for a walk to Isrick’s Cairn. Kevquarim Braga took the opportunity to look through the sciptorium, catching up with the expanded band as they were beginning their two day walk.



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