After the Raising of Night-5e

Ulfors Defeated!

In which the DM moves the story along...

Having slain Ulfors and the band of gnolls that had been plaguing the Drowned Maiden Lake region, the heroes returned to Drowned Maiden outpost with the rescued soldiers, Chastayn d’Florren the priestess of Barraban, and Ogrek Headbiter the scout. Sir Krays greets the heroes with a feast, and a pouch of 50 gp for each of them. He takes down their report and sends news back to Gorloch’s Bastion.
Koln Leadfist, the leader of the dwarven pack train, reports that Rurik Fireforge and Hadrik son of Hadrik had left in the night a few days before, shortly after a nervous halfling came to the outpost claiming to have been rescued by the heroes. No further sabotage or problems have turned up, and the dwarves were keen to get moving, to rebuild the bridges and meet up with their comrades at Kez’dorm.kd_tower.jpg
The heroes escorted the wagon train around the north shore of Lake without much incident, repairing the bridges as they went and arriving at the small dwarven fortress being built at Kez’dorm in 5 days. There they were greeted by Borrik Silvershield, Chieftan of Kez’dorm, who feasted and rewarded the heroes with the title ‘Dwarf-friend’ and silver medals engraved with Dwarven Runes and the Hammer and Shield sigil of Kez’dorm. The dwarves returned to work building their fortified towers, panning for gold and planting crops. Borrik spoke with the heroes about his plans to reclaim the lost city of Kez’dorm once they had their outpost set; he spoke of the horrors that lurked in the ruined city and listened appreciatively to their reports of Uflors and his fey-patron.dwarfmedal.jpg
The journey back to Drowned Maiden Oupost took only 3 days, through cold, wet rain that heralded the onset of autumn. Upon arriving at the Outpost, the heroes found a merchant with various potions and gear for sale; as well, they received orders to return to Gorloch’s Bastion to report to Count-Captain Feydor as soon as possible.



Ulfors Defeated!

Very cool

Ulfors Defeated!

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