After the Raising of Night-5e

First real day on the job
Adventure 1

Alas we were finally given a real assignment. Something other than the tedium of training and learning the protocols and standards of this place. I yearn for the opportunity to protect the innocent and return balance back to this troubled region. We were ordered by our dour and foul mouthed sergeant to investigate the whereabouts of a local human. Apparently he’d gotten himself mixed up with a local cutpurse or fence or some such distasteful thing and they’ve gone off into the bush to make some kind of mischief. Normally I’d say to hell with the bastards. Those that go looking for trouble usually find it right? But in this case the man in question took his young son with him. The boy was the only one that came back. If the dad has gotten himself killed so be it. That’s nature’s law. But i’d hate to see the boy orphaned on account of his idiotic father …

So we headed up into the bush to investigate. We found what we thought to be a female halfling warrior statue all broken and knocked over. It seemed a strange place for a statue though truth be told. Moreover, there was no base to the statue. Upon closer inspection we realized that it wasn’t a statue but a true halfling that had been turned to stone and her remains were trampled into the soil. Strange happenings. What manner of foul magic was this? We continued with great caution.

Once at the caves, we ordered the boy to hide in the bushes and we headed in. We came upon a mud filled cave with 3 mud mephits. Nasty little things that vomit some kind of disgusting goop on you that fouls up your movement. We put them to rest fairly quickly though despite our paladin. He got himself hurt pretty badly and had to pull back.

From that point we headed down a hole that led to a hallway. The half orc led the way. Below he found a narrow tunnel with a few goblins in it. He proceeded to ask said goblins if they’d seen the missing humans. I fear the young fellow might not have a full quiver of arrows as the bloody goblins were chewing on a fresh pair of human arms while he asked them. We dispatched the goblins fairly quick and I foolishly ran ahead into the next room where I was roundly thumped by a pair of goblins. With a bit of help from the others those goblins too went down fast.

We decided to rest in that room for a bit to catch our breath. We will see what lies in the hallways beyond …

First Order of Business

" Lads and lasses I’m thinkin’ that as a freish squad of militia our first order of business out to be to carefully choose where we shall be drinking. Were we anywhere else in Torn I could have us all several pints into it by now, but this is my last stop on the tour as it were.
What say ya – we got us a local who can lead the way?

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