After the Raising of Night-5e

Recap from the perspective of the divine watchers

Having faced and defeated a small squad of fanatical evil air cultists in the ground floor of the stepped Pyramid of the Kings in Tyar-Besil, the heroes quickly laid out a plan of action.
Durgen the dwarf scout, having his faith in his ancestral gods renewed by the splendors of Tyar-Besil, snuck up to the second floor, spying into the ancient Hall of the King. Seated upon a throne was a winged elf maid, attended to by a flute playing elf—the same spell caster who had magically fled from the party over an hour earlier. Writhing in ecstasy and debauchery were perhaps another dozen figures. Durgen snuck down the stairs and allowed his comrades to plot their attack.
Cloaked by invisibility magic, and relying on his well-trained stealth abilities, Perrin of the Ice Elves began to circle the room above, making his way towards an alcove where Durgen had spotted a curved horn on a stand—could this be an alarm horn? Perrin planned to get between the horn and the villains before his comrades rushed up from below.
Durgen moved up the stairs stealthily to spy on what was happening. Perrin had almost reached his goal when he was interrupted by the questing touch of some unseen air elemental—combat ensued!
Perrin found himself engaged by the elemental, the elven flutist and the prophetess of the howling hatred cult. Grumelrick and Truman of Gorloch’s Bastion raced up the stairs to engage the horde of drug addled cultists and attempt to aid their beleaguered elven monk. Durgen began methodically pumping crossbow bolts into the fray, ducking down the stairwell between shots. The self-styled High Druid, Kainen, summoned first an Azer, a puissant elemental of fire, but soon lost control. He summoned next a giant snake which seemed to be surviving the melee by the dwarf king’s throne. Kevquaram Braga used his magic to distract half of the cultists, freeing his melee comrades to focus on fewer targets.
Things were going well for the heroes, and then the prophetess disappeared from sight. The invisible stalker was bashing the elven monk bloody; Truman was engaged by multiple foes and Grumelrick was making his way to aid Perrin.
The prophetess reappeared at the top of the stairway down, laughing mirthlessly as she cast a bolt of lightning into Kevquaram’s chest, sending him crashing to the floor in a senseless heap. The lightning arc’d to Durgen and Kainen, also draining them of the will and ability to continue the fight, though not slaying them outright.
Before succumbing to the pummeling blows of the invisible stalker, Perrin managed to slay the evil elven bard. Grumelrick by this point had moved in to engage the invisible stalker, relying upon his keen senses and pure luck to land telling blow after telling blow. Truman raced to engage the air prophetess but soon found himself encircled by air cultists who had been freed from the hypnotic spell cast by Kevquaram. The prophetess disengaged from melee and began to make her way down the stairs; Truman following doggedly.
At this point, inspired by divine light of Maganna, Kevquaram rallied his spirits and opened his eyes to view the battle above. Channeling his pain and anger, he flung a witchbolt into the prophetess. Then as she attempted again to flee, Truman split her from head to toe, calling on the cultists to surrender! The invisible stalker vanished and the cultists were vanquished. Quickly binding their wounds and collecting the treasures of the air cult, the heroes prepared to flee Tyar-Besil.
But first, Kainen blew the Horn of Al-gazul summoning the djinni from his labors elsewhere in Tyar-Bessil. Kained smashed the horn, freeing the djini from his servitude and earning the heroes a small reward.

When last we met

After defeating an ambush set by a doppelganger, nearly a dozen island mercenaries and a legendary Night Elf warrior, our heroes (though Truman may find his paladin gifts diminished as his honor has been tarnished) found the following notes and memo’s.

Setting off to explore across the small canyon from Feathergale Tower, they found a side canyon clearly marked with the Earth Cult sigil. Durgen attested to the fact that this sigil was very recently inscribed on the stone and was clearly visible. Entering this side canyon, the heroes were soon attacked by a pair of Manticore and a Feathergale knight on a hippogriff. The manticore were defeated and the the knight has flown further up the canyon, calling out a loud warning to any who await.

Long time gone

Having discovered two hidden entrances to an ancient dwarven city below the Mixtmarsh, the heroes returned to Isrick’s Cairn for rest and recuperation. There they were rejoined by Truman, their erstwhile leader, who led them forth on a mission in aid of the dwarves of the Valley.
Venturing to an ancient dwarven holy place, the heroes cleansed and took vengeance upon the evil doers who had defiled the sacred spaces. Amongst their foes they faced an ogre magi, a creature of legendary wickedness, but in the end they triumphed.
It turned out that these defilers were seeking a way into a lost treasure hall of the Axe Kings of old— the dwarven sage Brudenthor pointed out that the maps and notes found amongst the raiders’ gear were all forgeries.

After an uneventful return to Isrick’s Cairn, the group bound their wounds, trained and planned their next actions. After 4 days, Kainen received a message which he shared with the others— I have information about earth cult that you need. Meet me at the base of feathergale tower. Their agents are already in the Cairn!

The Sacred Stone Monastery

The party pursued rumours of a wyvern at a quarry and they found it. It managed to strafe the stalwart band a couple of times, nearly killing Peren in the process before being brought down by Grumelrik and his spear, Pointy.

An investigation of the mine showed that something heavy had been loaded on a cart and taken along the river to the south-southwest. Within twin narrow caverns was a giant orb of an obsidian-like material.

Following the tracks we came upon a shrine to Parthea, the Huntress, over 200 years old. It was defaced with more recent carvings of this symbol: Sacred_Stone.jpg

Sacred_Stone_Monestary_-_Outside.jpgA sandstone cavern opened to the monastery in a natural amphitheater. Durgan and Kainen bravely advance to the door and knocked, at which point Durgan stabs at the face of the creature through the newly opened eye slit. Though immediately reacted to negatively, this did prompt the doors to open and a fight to ensue.

Upon exploring the monastery hallways above, most of the monks were human and druergar, that nasty race of grey dwarves were found. Making our way through the monastery, we crossed a garden, untended for a while, which had doors that lead outside and one up to an external building with a magical lock. Forcing our way past that lock, we stumbled upon the lich, Caradoon, who quickly sent us away.

Below was a Bape, aka Digger, with bronzed claws, mining tunnels, 3 orogs lead by an ogre, and a long staircase further down that lead to a dark elf “Gateway to Tyar Bessil” framing dark shimmering energy within its arch. The energy was determined to be not of dwarven origin, but we are not convinced that it is dark elf either.

Also below were the captives from the quarry in which resided the wyvern, who mentioned that they brought something out of their mine, “Eggs of Destruction,” which they were not allowed or could not look at. Among the captives was a dwarf, Brule D’Enthar, who was a part of the delegation that we were sent to find in the first place. He was able to ell us that 2 other dwarfs were taken further below the monastery, and 3 were kidnapped by vultures. The tunnels were simply for the sake of tunneling as there is no ore or anything else worth mining here.

The party took a short amount of time to ensure that the former captives were fed well and prepared for a walk to Isrick’s Cairn. Kevquarim Braga took the opportunity to look through the sciptorium, catching up with the expanded band as they were beginning their two day walk.

Into Marshbridge and Beyond
And some Durgen backstory

The party’s day of rest in Isrick’s Cairn saw Kev’quarim researching, Grumelrik and Keiran returning to the necromancer’s cave to gather the surgical tools, Durgan investigating rumours and their sources, Peiren doing something, and, finally, Trueman speaking with the local authorities.

It was discovered that farms were vacant and people were missing, so we were invested with the authority of the local baron to investigate these occurrences while considering our primary mission of discovering the missing dwarven caravan. The party set out Eastward toward Marshbridge. During the day of traveling they came upon Willam, a farmer, who was traveling West along the road with his two cows toward his cousin’s farm. After a short interview, Willam admitted to his cousin wondering about a friend, Thompson, who had disappeared to the west of their current position, and Willam lamented about loosing two of his own cows to an unknown beast.

The party decided to head East, toward Willam’s farm and the beasties (it should be noted that Kev’quarim was of the opinion to investigate the disappearance of a person first).

Ankheg.jpgComing up to the field, the ranger spotted the corpses of the cows, and the party was quickly set upon by the doers of the deed, a pair of ankhegs.

With the ankhegs dispatched with, onward to Marshbridge, a place with a serious dislike toward dwarves, beginning with Durgen getting charged ten times what the rest of the party were to get past the bridge toll.

Trueman, Peren and Kev’quarim stayed in town to meet the halfling mayor, while the rest of the party remained camped on the outskirts. It was noticed that a wanted poster depicting our friendly dwarf hung behind the bar, to be arrested on sight for charges of horsetheft and card sharking (it was also noted that he had a foul mouth). Apparently the mayor and Durgen had a tiff in the past and have yet to sort it out.

Aside from being a fierce racist toward dwarves and loving cards, the mayor didn’t seem to be too bad a fella. We ended the night off with the impression that he would be waiting for our Durgen in the morning, so Peren snuck back to the camp of the other members of our party and we all met up about an hour outside of town, heading East, toward Malzer.

Letter found in Feathergale Knight's Tower
Since Durgen asked...

We are pleased to hear about the outcome of your altercation with the Black Earth cult, and we praise you for the capture of one of their prisoners. The noblewoman from Erazkinay has an interesting tale to tell, and we shall enjoy interrogating her further. Keep close watch on the Sacred Stone Monastery. I want to know what our enemy is planning next!
Your beloved queen,
Aerisi Kalinoth


Lance Rock

After a short rest at Isrick’s Cairn to recover from our last exploit. We set off to investigate suspicious activity at an area within a day’s walk from town, dubbed by locals as Lance Rock. There was worry over a strange sign warning people to “Beware Plague” and plague was otherwise unknown to the good people of Isrick’s Carin. We proceeded without the dwarf, Durgen Stonehewer, who had fallen ill and was in no shape to travel, much less fight if it came to that.

Upon finding the rock that gives the area it’s name, with the help of the ranger and druid, it was not too long before we found the entrance of the cave. We discovered a body laying near the entrance and it was examined to be an undead human, laying in wait; however it was disposed of easily. Entering a larger area, the team was attacked by zombies but again, the zombies were disposed of easily enough. We proceeded through the caves, fighting off skeletons and more zombies, narrowly avoiding traps designed to lay invaders low before tangling with the self-proclaimed Lord of Lance Rock.

We pursued into a huge cavern and there the foul necromancer made his last stand with his minions. The gallant team were able to make quick work of the undead horde and the wizard struck down the necromancer with flaming bolts, ensuring that the rest of the team was left untouched by dark magic. Upon his death, the Necromancer of Lance Rock immolated in a black flame and yelled something about serving “the eye.” The flame left no body, just a grease stain.

Ulfors Defeated!
In which the DM moves the story along...

Having slain Ulfors and the band of gnolls that had been plaguing the Drowned Maiden Lake region, the heroes returned to Drowned Maiden outpost with the rescued soldiers, Chastayn d’Florren the priestess of Barraban, and Ogrek Headbiter the scout. Sir Krays greets the heroes with a feast, and a pouch of 50 gp for each of them. He takes down their report and sends news back to Gorloch’s Bastion.
Koln Leadfist, the leader of the dwarven pack train, reports that Rurik Fireforge and Hadrik son of Hadrik had left in the night a few days before, shortly after a nervous halfling came to the outpost claiming to have been rescued by the heroes. No further sabotage or problems have turned up, and the dwarves were keen to get moving, to rebuild the bridges and meet up with their comrades at Kez’dorm.kd_tower.jpg
The heroes escorted the wagon train around the north shore of Lake without much incident, repairing the bridges as they went and arriving at the small dwarven fortress being built at Kez’dorm in 5 days. There they were greeted by Borrik Silvershield, Chieftan of Kez’dorm, who feasted and rewarded the heroes with the title ‘Dwarf-friend’ and silver medals engraved with Dwarven Runes and the Hammer and Shield sigil of Kez’dorm. The dwarves returned to work building their fortified towers, panning for gold and planting crops. Borrik spoke with the heroes about his plans to reclaim the lost city of Kez’dorm once they had their outpost set; he spoke of the horrors that lurked in the ruined city and listened appreciatively to their reports of Uflors and his fey-patron.dwarfmedal.jpg
The journey back to Drowned Maiden Oupost took only 3 days, through cold, wet rain that heralded the onset of autumn. Upon arriving at the Outpost, the heroes found a merchant with various potions and gear for sale; as well, they received orders to return to Gorloch’s Bastion to report to Count-Captain Feydor as soon as possible.

"..Evil looking Statue.."

I me’self were thinkin’ “grim”.

Twer a “grim” statue. Now were it an “evil” lookin’ statue I’d a been a might more leery regardin’ touchin’ any gold chain.

Fer that one might need a 10’ pole – which we dinna bring.

Fer a “grim” statue ya take yer time, ya take a chance on a trap – those are the risks.

This is what comes o’ yer paladin scooterin’ back ta town ere we’re done explorin’.

Now, I suggest we take our stand in the statue room – have em’ come at us one at a time.
We can bash ’em ta bits one by one then scooter off ta town ourselves!

(By the By – what are ’hero points" in 5e context? did I miss something on the wiki?)

Ta who it may concern...
Last Will 'n testament

Durgen quickly scrawls something on the back of his map and tucks it back in his scrollcase…


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