History of Gorloch's Bastion

Brief History of Gorloch’s Bastion

The Bastion, as the locals refer to it, was built over a century ago by the Legions of the IX after their conquest of Erazkinay and their incursion into the chaotic civil wars of Torn. The Bastion was one of five fortified towers built to support the great fortress the IX constructed around the ancient elven Castle of the Roses, and was touted to be the greatest and most impregnable fortification ever built upon the shores of this world.
Shortly after the Year of the Risen Night, the IX withdrew all but a small holding force as their dominions were rent by civil war and unrest. The Fortress, named in inimitable IX fashion as Number 723, was eventually over-whelmed by the Horde from the Utter-West, from beyond the Wall of the World.

garloch.jpgGorloch was a half-orc chieftain from the north who joined the Horde and rose to become a trusted lieutenant of the Demon-King. Gorloch was also a man of pure heart and soul, who was in contact with the agents of the King of Awarth, alerting them to the threat the Demon-King posed. Gorloch collected like-minded agents and folk around him at the Bastion he commanded, and when the Army of the Three Kings came, Gorloch and his folk switched sides.

The great battles that ensued and the siege that followed saw the heroes of the world and beyond march with the Army of the Three Kings. From frozen Tay’malor came heroes such as Settor the Lion, Martos Ill-Luck, Brom the Spear, Morghaine, Erekozay Blacksword, and many others. As the siege unfolded, Gorloch led Arainion the Last King of Awarth and his household of handpicked heroes into the fastness of the mighty fortress to confront the Demon-King directly. The cataclysm that followed shattered the fortress and devastated the lands around. After the Rain of Crystal Fires, the Horde dispersed and the only walls still standing were those at Gorloch’s Bastion.

The Bastion and the lands around it were passed into the keeping of Count Feydor, a half-elven noble from Fuinmoor, who was named Captain-General in service to the King of Torn.

A small town has grown up around the tower of Gorloch’s Bastion. Patrols venture forth into the ruins of the Fortress of the Roses, out onto the high steppes of the Horde, or into the foothills of the Lost Kings.

History of Gorloch's Bastion

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