After the collapse of the Empire of Endless Night, the lands of western Tanavore were thrown into chaos as their peoples rose up against the tyranny of the Night Elven rulers. The six provinces of the Empire that lay along the banks of the River Torn rose up in this rebellion in bloody pogroms and racial strife. Most of elven blood, whether of the Sun or of the Night, were either slain or driven from these lands; as well, many dwarven, halfling or gnome folk were likewise expelled, leaving a primarily human, half-human, and orcish population behind. This mix did not lend itself well to stability and the continued violence and bloodshed that ensued was to last for centuries, until the orcish clans were likewise driven out.Kingdom_of_Torn.JPG Parchment map available at better cartography shops for 12 sp

The six provinces eventually became the Six Principalities that were united under the rule of Herod Uthern, Prince of Uthred. House Uthern was to rule over the Kingdom of Torn for four centuries before being overthrown and replaced by rulers of House Bellavor, descendants of the Princes of Althreyd. Instability and unrest marked the reign of the two Bellavor kings. This unrest came to a head in the Year of the Risen Night which saw neighboring Erazkinay overrun by the Dominions of the IX, while the true Night Elven rulers of Fuinmoor in the north revealed themselves. To add to these threats, the gnolls and other wandering reavers of the western steppes united into a great Horde under the command of a Demon-Prince from beyond the World Wall.horde.jpg

The Kingdom of Torn was saved from the Horde through the heroic efforts of her people who unified behind the Duke of Aldking, Torrens Forkbeard who seized the throne from the weakened Bellavor heir.forkbeard.jpg As well, the armies of the three northern kingdoms of Awarth, Thurintun and Fuinmoor marched to aid in driving out the Horde. The heroic sacrifice of the elf-blood kingdoms of the north did much to open the eyes of the men of Torn to the goodness of their non-human neighbors, and as one of his first acts as King, Torrens Forkbeard decreed that all of elven, dwarven, halfling, gnome or even half-orc blood would be given freedom in the realm within the rule of the laws of Torn.

A History of Torn by Eleasara Ordos, Countess of Deveonshire.


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