Town of Gorloch's Bastion


Some key locations:

1) Count Feydor’s Keep

2) The Barracks Hall for the Militia

3) Temple of Barraban

4) Temple of Bau and the Elder Gods

5) Parthia’s Shrine

6) Sagsamun’s Shrine, Library and Scholar’s Rest

7) Gorloch’s Rest and Tavern— the largest inn in town

8) The Inn of the South Wind— the smallest inn in town

9) The Horseman’s Place— square dominated by ancient statue of elven knight. Shops here sell gear and goods for those heading into the wilds.

10) Gorloch’s Gravestone— plaza dominated by fountain and statue of the old half-orc war-chief, Gorloch.

11) The North Gate

12) Salazzuri’s Emporium

Town of Gorloch's Bastion

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