Region of Gorloch's Bastion


Gorloch’s Bastion:
Fortified town that has grown up within the stone walls of the Bastion. Ruled by the Captain-General of the Bastion, Count Feydor of Bless’d Hall of Fuinmoor. Population of some 4000 souls (60% human, 20% half-orc, 10% half-elf/elf, 10% other) mostly serving the needs of the garrison and the usual assortment of adventurers, explorers, or ne’er-do-wells who end up in frontier garrison towns. Temple of Bau and the Elder Gods, Temple of Barraban, Shrine to Parthia, Shrine to Sagsamun; recent construction has begun on a temple dedicated to Adad-Akitu. The nearby ruins of the Fortress of the Roses still lures many treasure seekers.

Isrick’s Cairn:
Small town that has grown beyond its stone walls. Ruled by Baron Ismael Carnarvon, Lord of Aynshire, and the Council of Elders. Population of 2500 souls, mainly human, with some recent half-orc, halfling and half-elven settlers. The town was built upon a stony cairn, reputed to be one of the places the God of Thieves hid his treasures; the caverns and dungeons beneath the cairn are still reputed to hold great wealth and greater danger. A Temple of Isrick stands openly here; as well as a Temple of Sagsamun and the Elder Gods, there are shrines to Parthia, Akkad, Elinarra, and Maganna. The town serves the needs of the farming communities of the upper Rocriver valley.

An abandoned dwarven stronghold and mine that has sat empty for hundreds of years. A dwarven clan has recently acquired title to these lands from the Captain-General of Gorloch’s Bastion, and has begun to re-settle the area.
Tales of the Old Dwarf Kingdom

Tower Grey:
Fortified tower held by the martial Order of Greycloaks, from which they protect the roads and nearby farmlands. The current Commander of the Tower’s 50 soldiers is Sir Nyall Samborn of Wyfcull. The wizardess Gabriella Altair is resident of Tower Grey, and assists the Order as she can.

Small farming hamlet that has recently seen its population swell to over 500 due to recent immigration. Ruled by Sir Gul Naglath, Lord of Windspit.

Small hamlet of 300 souls, mainly halfling and half-orc, who make their living from the Mixtmarsh and from tending the bridge. Ruled by Sir Egro Stout, Hero of the Battle of Bonefort, one of the few ennobled halfling peers in Torn.

Farming hamlet of 600 souls, serving the needs of nearby farms and travelers. Ruled by Baron Kurt Maizer, Lord of Castle Maizer. The aforesaid castle has been under construction for 75 years…

Lands of the Blackknife Horde:
A semi-nomadic orc tribe has laid claim to these lands and has fought all who have sought to displace them. Merchants and traders from the Kingdom will sometimes brave the dangers to engage in trade, bringing back tales of a savage settlement in the badlands north of Tain’s Lake. The members of this orc-horde have not raided into the Kingdom for many years; they have no trouble encouraging others to do so, however.

Drowned Maiden Lake:
A large lake in the wilds south-east of the Bastion. Named for the giant statue of a maiden with arms outstretched and eyes closed rising from the depths of the lake and visible from all shores on a clear day such is her size. None know the tale behind the creation of the statue nor the sad tale of those who once fished the rich waters of the lake. Now the lands around the lake are home to tribes of gnolls, orcs, hobgoblins and centaurs. The Kingdom of Torn lays claim to these lands and some effort is made to maintain outposts on the lake, in particular as the IX have been known to probe in this direction. According to travelers’ tales, the lake is home to a great dragon who set up its lair on the Drowned Maiden herself a few hundred years ago.


Region of Gorloch's Bastion

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